Monday, March 2, 2009


Current Prices

Many of the Below Prices Include Shipping, If You Are An Out of Town Customer Please Email Me For Shipping Prices

Sippy Cups-$13.50 including shipping

Cutting Boards-$35 for approx 8.75" x 11.75" or $40 11.5" x 15.5 (this price Includes shipping)

I-Phone Case- $52.50 (this price includes shipping)

Post-It Holders- $13.50 (includes shipping)

Placemats- $13 (includes shipping) Hard Laminate 11x17. These can wipe clean.

Photo Cards- $1.25 ea.

Wall Art-$15.00-$25.00 Depending on the cost and size of frame. Or Wall Art without frame $10-$12 depending on size.

Melamine Plate-$22.50 (includes shipping)

Melamine Bowls-$20.00 (includes shipping)

Melamine Trays- $32.50 (includes shipping)

Rectangle Tin Party Favors- $25.00 for 12 or $38.00 for 24. Picture coming soon! These cute hinged rectangle tins are 3.9''X2.5'' and make the perfect party favor. You can fill with candies of your choice.(Check for availability)

Bubbles- $8 for 12, plus the cost of bubbles. We have found a four pack of assorted colors for a dollar at the dollar store, but you are welcome to use any of your choice. (Check for availability)

Chocolate Bars- $10 for 12, plus the cost of the candy bar of your choice. We have Hershey bars pictured on our products page. (Check for availability)

Sport Cup- $16. This is a 15oz. sport bottle with straw and storage compartment on bottom. (includes shipping)

Travel Tumbler- $14.50. This is a 12 oz. tumbler with a slip shut top making it easy for travel and spill proof. (includes shipping)

Pens- $6.00 (Check for availability)

Lunch Box- $24.50 (includes shipping)

Bag Tags- $3.50

Calendars- $10.50 (Check for availability)

Memo Holders- $13.00 (includes shipping)

Pencil Cup Holders- $11.00 (includes shipping)

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  1. I was wondering the size of the Melamine trays. Am I missing it somewhere? Thanks!

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