Friday, August 27, 2010

Procrastination=New Idea

So...I really really wanted to make cupcake toppers for my little man's birthday party, but I waited until just a few days before to go get the supplies I needed and what do you know, they are only available online. Unfortunately I can't get everything in time to make them this go round, but I will make some soon!!! I had to do something "paperlicious" for his birthday so I decided on bag tags to go with their party favors. They turned out really cute....
I made a girl design (poofy polka dots in black with teal and white flower image, girls are weird font)

And a boy Batman design since we are having a batman themed party...

The kids will each get to take a swing at the batman pinata (poor guy) and they can add their candy to their goodie bags. They will each get to wear a batman mask around...should be lots of fun!
Here's a close up of the goodie bags with the cute bag tags attached!!! Luckily my procrastination turned into a great idea and will be a gift each kiddo can keep for their back packs, lunch boxes, or luggage!!!

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