Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Christmas Traditions!

Jackson is four this year, so the enchantment of Christmas has begun! Christmas was really exciting for him last year as well, but I feel like this year is the first that he is really grasping the concept and it is so much FUN! I recently did a webcast on the blog 247 moms and during the show they discussed some FUN holiday traditions! I got so many great ideas for the Yancer household, and it has already been so much fun! I LOVE Christmas, it is definitely my favorite holiday and it is just as exciting for me as it is for Jackson (and someday Sydnie) to start these Christmas traditions that we will do for years to come!!!The first of course is the advent calendar. I just went with the simple chocolate advent that you can get at Hallmark for a little over $3.00. They have SO many adorable advent calendars I have found on etsy, but my little man has a major sweet tooth, so I knew chocolate would be the way to his and easy...SOLD! Also we are limit
ed on space in our house, we are literally busting out, so there was no room for one of the large, yet adorable advent calendars I've found online! Here is ours:

The next holiday tradition is "The Elf On the Shelf", which I also bought at Hallmark for a little under $30. This comes with an adorable little story, which I plan to read on Thanksgiving night each year, and a cute little elf, that you get to name. Jackson chose the name "Christmas" for our elf, which I thought was very fitting! You place the elf on a shelf and he watches your child(ren) throughout the day and uses his magic to fly himself to the North Pole and report to Santa~how clever and parent friendly is that??? The book also encourages you to move Christmas in different places each day so your child can find him in a different spot. I didn't think I was going to do this, but I moved him last night right after Jackson went to bed, and the surprise on his face this morning was totally worth it:

And the last holiday tradition I am definitely going to start this year will help to start my collection for the little Christmas villages. I have always LOVED these, and remember watching them when I was little! Instead of just getting a piece every year, she recommended including your children. Each year I plan on taking the kiddos and they get to help me pick out a piece for my village! She said when they had a good year, they may splurge on a nice little house or two, and on other years they may just get a little accessory to add to it! I haven't bought mine yet, but we plan to go next weekend when we go to visit Santa!

Anyway just thought I would share some fun holiday traditions that maybe you could use at your own home! I would love for you to leave comments with more fun ideas!!!

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