Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Latest Happenings!!!

Things at the Paperlicious household have been busy, busy, busy! I have been so busy with so many new and AWESOME customers from my recent giveaways, which I am so grateful for. We have been battling illnesses the past 3 weekends in a row, we are trying to get our home ready to sell, and the heat outside has been unbearable!!! In the midst of all of this crazy I am wanting to get on more of a blog schedule where I can include some fun things about the Paperlicious family, some giveaways, recipes, etc. so its not ALL about business. I am almost scared to type this, because I am not sure when I will get on a this schedule I am talking about~so no one is allowed to hold me to it =)

This is going to be a fun couple of months, we have wedding showers, birthday parties, and then baby showers! My sister is getting married in October and we are having her shower this weekend! This is very hard to believe, she is 7 years younger than me, and sometimes I still feel like she is 14 years old and needs to be protected from everything in the world~how is she possibly getting married??? Guess I am having a tiny taste of how things will be when my little ones get to this point in their lives~although for now Jackson vows to never leave me~which of course I am ecstatic about!

Speaking of my little man he turns 5 this month!!! How is that possible? Every stage with a child is so new and fun and this one is no different. Although he finds one way or another to torment his little sister daily and is turning into quite the little smart alec, there is no one in the world that can make me laugh the way he does! He is my little comedian, and he won't let you get away with ANYthing, he is smart and he knows it! He is a mixture of hysterical, rambunctiousness, ornery ~is this really how this is spelled, mixed with a whole lot of sweetness, he has the kindest heart! Normally I love to go all out for birthday parties, but this year I am taking a stand against the party pressure and we are laying low. Just a family cookout, some cake, presents and that is pretty much it! I am pregnant, its hot, and this is all we are doing darn it!

My baby shower is also next month! I only have less than 12 weeks left if I go until my due date and it seems like this pregnancy has gone so darn FAST! I look at my little man and my little girl and wonder how this new baby girl will fit in. Will she look like them, whose personality will she have, is she going to be my like my busy, sweet boy or like my sweet and sassy, shoe loving diva girl... although I know she will have a personality all of her own! Can't wait for the new adventures to begin~I will be sure to keep you posted!

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