Friday, August 19, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

This week has been a FUN and eventful week for the paperlicious fam!

Monday night I got to have a date night with my hubby. We went to one of my favorite restaurants~Osaka where they cook right in front of you. Lately we have been trying to have date nights more often because we know when Tatum gets here it will be a while until we are able to do this again! This isn't actually a picture from our dinner, I was too busy eating and forgot to take one, but this is the restaurant we went to. Sorry lazy photographer!
Tuesday night I made dinner at home with the kids! Jackson loves helping me cook and tonight involved crushing and smashing so of course he was all over it (don't you love his little chef hat, it kind of reminds me of a nun with the black and white, but he LOVES it)! Here is the recipe we made and I HIGHLY recommend it! I love how the recipe is so detailed, it made it really easy! Jackson took place of my food processor~mine is out of order at the moment. I just double bagged the cornflakes and a couple of minutes with my little man I am sure they were of food processor quality! The finished product is the picture from the blog where I got the recipe from, my didn't look quite this pretty and we made with broccoli instead, but it was still SO yummy!
Wednesday we just hung out at home and ate left overs so no cooking for me! Score!!! One of my favorite shows Big Brother was on so I got to spend some down time watching all the juicy drama!

Thursday we spent the day with friends, the kids got to play, and we got to get some back to school shopping done. Here is Sydnie getting some practice for when baby Tatum gets here. She did SO good, it eased my anxiety a little about when the baby gets here. Baby Asher is too cute!!!
I ended the day with my husband calling and asking if I would like to go to the Keith Urban concert, with awesome seats, and the tickets didn't cost a thing and he had already arranged a babysitter! Double Score! I was so excited, we had such a great time!!! Tatum was kicking through the entire concert, I'm not sure if she was mad about the music or if she was just dancing in my belly! If she will be anything like her sister I am sure she was loving it! Here are some pictures from the concert, everyone get ready to drool in 3, 2, 1.....DROOL! =)

I know lots of you ladies will think I am crazy, but I am just not that into Mr. Urban, I think the hair just doesn't do it for me, but I love his music. My favorite parts of the entire concert though were the way he involved the audience. He went around the arena and read the signs people were holding, one said, "My better half is in Afghanistan and I need a hug" so he brought her on stage and hugged her~this melted my heart! The girl was so excited to get up there she lost her flip flop on the way~he kept calling her Cinderella =)

Today we had another playdate with friends at Bounce U~one of those indoor bouncy toy places, next I got to go visit the school I used to teach at and visited with some of my friends from teaching! Wish I got to see them more!

We don't always get to have fun weeks like this so I soak it all in when we can! Hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend!

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