Sunday, September 4, 2011

Confessions of an (Over)Emotional Mom...

Well since I blogged last my oldest started Pre-K at a big boy elementary school. Let's just say it was an emotional week for mom! I had him enrolled in the preschool where he went to Mother's Day Out. I was fine with was their 4 year old program, so it wasn't the same, but it didn't seem too different to me. And then we got the phone call...

Literally on my way to meet the teacher, the elementary school we had him on a waiting list for called with an opening. This hit me...HARD! I was comfortable with the preschool idea, it wasn't big boy school yet, he's been going there for 3 years so it didn't seem like it was a big change. I could just not wrap my head around the fact that he would actually be going to an elementary school full time. My husband called me with the news (poor thing), he was so excited because it would save us a lot of money every month and we had both been talking about how we had wished we could've gotten him in...he was SO thrown off when I just burst into tears, I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm 31 weeks pregnant! I was an emotional wreck, I never knew I was going to react like this. I cried to Justin (my hubby), to my parents (a few times each) and pretty much anyone else who would listen~if you are laughing at me, please refer to the "31 weeks pregnant" clause in the sentence above =). What's even worse is I used to teach Pre-K, so I knew how much fun he would have, but the emotions just kept coming.

It definitely took me a bit to get used to it, but Jackson absolutely LOVES it. His teacher seems amazing, and he has been having such a great everything happens for a reason and mommy had to let go...a little. Here are some pics from his first day...sniffle, sniffle!

Eating on his "First Day of School Plate"
With our sign! I plan on doing this every year, I think it will be fun to see how he grows.
I hope he thinks this is as fun as I do when he hits 13, hopefully he will humor me!

***Side note~don't you love how Sydnie is too busy admiring her shoes in this picture to pose with her brother. If anyone knows my daughter she is a shoe freak! Especially other peoples shoes. I just took her to a birthday party last week where the kids took their shoes off to bounce in a jupiter jump. This was like Christmas morning for Sydnie, she could care less about bouncing and was so excited to try on everyone's shoes. I think we are in for some trouble!***

Ok back to we are on the car ride to school!

Walking in...he would not let this lunch box out of his sight!

And lining up to go to class!

I was holding back tears the entire time, I didn't want him to see me get upset! I made it all the way down to his classroom and then my husband gave me a sympathetic look and a hug. This is like the kiss of death for me, if you comfort me when I am on the verge of getting upset, it just all comes out~although I love my hubby and it was such a sweet gesture! I had to give Jackson a quick kiss, grab Sydnie and book it to the car. Jackson didn't see one tear being shed, so I think I did a really good job!

Does anyone else have first day of school stories??? I hope I'm not the only overly emotional mommy LOL!

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