Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Midweek Randoms...AKA My Pity Party

This week has just been one of those weeks!!! A when it rains it pours I thought I would make my midweek randoms a little pity party and you're all invited =)

~The main upset of my week has been the loss of my wedding ring. I am extremely absent minded, I literally misplace my keys every single time I go to my parents house...seriously EVERY time, so it is no surprise that on occasion I take my wedding ring off somewhere and can't find it BUT this time is different! On the few times this has happened before I find it in a drawer somewhere I stuck it when I was cooking or giving the kids a bath, but I always find it within an hour or less of looking. This has been days and I have literally torn my house apart, I have looked in drawers, the trash (twice...yuck!), under every piece of furniture I can think of, in the kids toy box and the list goes on and on and on, but still no ring. I know I had it when I got home and I know the next day before I left I went to put it on and couldn't find it so it HAS to be here somewhere. My husband is going to take apart the sinks with hopes if one of my kiddos knocked it in, it will be stuck inside the pipes, but I am at a complete loss! My pregnant brain is failing me...BIG TIME, or my little almost 2 year old princess took off with mommy's ring and there is no telling where she left it! I know it is a material item, but this is something my husband worked so hard to pay for and I absolutely love everything about it and just cannot get over losing it! Please pray that it is found, until then it is cubic zirconia for me!

~Another fun thing this week is my husband's truck finally went kaput! (Secretly I am not a fan of this truck, but it is just another thing we get to pay for, so it would've been nice if it would've stuck around a little longer) Having a new baby on the way, extra expenses are not welcomed, but thats life!

~OK, OK though I am having a pity party I do always TRY to look on the bright side of things! All in all I have amazing family, the man of my dreams, two amazing healthy kiddos, my own little business that I absolutely love, and a healthy baby growing in my belly about to make her debut into this all in all life is good!

~I also had my baby shower this week, which was so much fun! I am truly blessed to have so many great friends and family members, I will have to do a little post from my shower this week, but here is my cute little invite...(I of course whited out all of the info)

Who can be too upset when they get to see this little face everyday LOL, this is what her brother did with her, they always are making me laugh!!!



  1. I too lost my wedding ring. I've finally let it go, but I really had to grieve for it. It wasn't the cost, it was the significance. I'll keep my fingers crossed for yours to show up!

  2. Thanks Monica! I feel the same way, it isn't necessarily the cost of the ring, but what it means! I am so sorry you lost yours too, I have definitely been going through the grieving process the last few days! Hoping I find it soon! My sister's soon to be father in law told her he lost his for 7 years, then they were having some plumbing problems and had to hire a plumber to run a scope into their main line and found it! Apparently it had been dropped in the toilet without anyone knowing LOL so you never know when or where it could turn up!